SALSA MADRAS is now an Internationally renowned Brand known for its quality that takes utmost care when its comes to instruction. Each course content is carefully designed by Asia Salsa Champion, Arun Srinivasan who has about 8 years of teaching experience in Asia & Europe over more than 8 countries.  The content is structured and modified with the evolution of the dance forms over time and promises to bring you the best methods and techniques keeping the fun element of dance undisturbed! 

The basic structured course in Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba are named according to the course content that will be dealt with each level. Kindly find below, the details on each course to help choose the one that suits you. In case of any queries please check the instructors for advice. 


The courses on salsa are predominantly ON-1, popularly called LA Style. There are up to 4 levels of Salsa at Salsa Madras, that will focus on the basic foundation that will help you to build on it later. Since we believe the foundation is very important, the Level 1 course is for 3 months and levels 2-4 are one month each. 


This is the introduction to Salsa for absolute beginners and starters and is also beneficial for those looking at sharpen their basics. The 8 hours of the course will focus on the partner holds and connection, basic shines, simple turns, hammerlock and variations for both men and women. No previous dance experience is needed; Partner not mandatory. We will also touch upon the basic dance etiquette and essentials needed to be a salsa dancer. 


The second month of the Level 1 course is for those who are comfortable with the absolute basics and basic partner work. The 8 hours of the class will be introducing Cross body Lead and simple variations. We will also touch upon simple variations involving turns and CBL together 


The third month of the Level 1 course is an improver level course. The hours will focus on turn patterns involving CBL and turns that will help to build your dance on the dance floor. By the end of this course, you will be ready to step in on the dance floor. This will serve  a good start to enjoy the salsa world!


The Level 2 is a one month course of 8 hours which will introduce the dancers to simple Frizbees and flairs. This level is for improvers and intermediates. If you are a beginner or if your timing is still struggling, please go back to Level 1 to get comfortable with the music. Check with the instructor before joining


The Level 3 is a one month course of 8 hours which will introduce the dancers to COPA. We will be exploring different ways to get to a copa and patterns involving copa! This is an Intermediate level course. Please check with the instructor before joining


The Level 4 will introduce the concept of double spins and advanced cross body lead. Its an intermediate/advanced level and would 

require at least 6 months of classes with Salsa Madras or equivalent or more than 1 year of social dancing. 


This is newly introduced class from SALSA MADRAS. This is a one month long level 1 Bachata course. Explaining the basic footwork, partner connection, body movements, etc. with simple patterns. 


Kizomba structured level 1 course is intended for newbies of Kizomba and gives an extensive foundation into Kizomba dancing.  It will also serve a good refresher course for those who want to strengthen their basics.  


Level 2 of the Kizomba structure course is intended to give introduction to Saida and many variations of Men & Women Saidas together. Mastering this level will give you the base to explore further into higher levels of Kizomba and other styles

Body Isolations

A specially designed classes for Dancers, esp. Latin Dancers using elements of Salsa, Rumba, Afro Cuban and more. The classes are personally led by Arun Srinivasan. 

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