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Post class Wisdom #2: Vocabulary!

Why is it necessary to be familiar with the music as much as the dance?

Damn, Fuck, Shit, oh My God, Oh No, oops and many other words or exclamations are used to denote a same/similar meaning but in different situations and context!

And so, it is important to move differently for Music & different songs, depending on what it is suggesting to do and not throw all cool moves without relevance to Music!

How do you achieve it?

  • Listen to a lot of songs, different rhythms within the same genres and as diverse as possible

  • Improve your vocabulary of moves and how you can change flavour for each rhythm

  • Try and feel what fits the best!

  • Practice (cant insist enough) until you have it in your muscle memory and find ways to improvise with Music, starting with Basic!

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