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How did I end up teaching SALSA?

Normally that's the question I get commonly from everyone I meet! "How a science graduate from University of Edinburgh ended up in SALSA"

Everyone dancer's life is an interesting story and inspiration. Here is my story of why I ended up teaching Salsa! I have made a big decision of switching my career to Dance from Science in 2009 and I have worked really hard to make a big difference I can be proud of for the changes in Chennai so far. The best is yet to come! ;) Its no more a one person's dream but the dreams are shared by a team of wonderful people & dancers! This interview was from 2013 through RUMBLE, an YouTube Channel led by Madhav Das interviewing leading personalities in city from different fields. I have edited the video to explain the parts where I talk about the transition from Science to Salsa! Many of you would have heard this story multiple times!

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