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Salsa Madras 3rd Anniversary Specials: Acro Jam; Consla; Pool party and more...

This Year at the Anniversary Celebrations, we are extremely Happy and proud to invite DOTTY UJSZASZI (Hungary) to teach and train us in CONSLA, a fusion of Salsa, Contemporary and contact, founded and created by Dotty herself!

We at Salsa Madras, introduced CONSLA in India last year at the 3rd Latin Festival Madras and we are organizing an exclusive weekend with Consla towards celebrating our 3rd Anniversary in Style!

The Check out the video Below for an introduction into Consla and what to look out for!

CONSLA is intelligent communication between two dancers, clear leading and following, and a possibility of improvising together. Quality connection in our dancing. Session 1 Date: 4 March 2017 11 AM to 2 PM

Creativity in salsa leading and following

Would you like to be able to combine you patterns without stress? Can you imagine you can create new movement while you are dancing? Can you imagine even if you do mistake you don’t cause any pain or problem to your partner? Can you imagine you are able to improvise and still not missing the timing? You are welcome to join Dotty’s creativity in salsa leading and following special CONSLA workshop. Useful exercises to improve in your leading and following. Learn while you are having fun, flow, and freedom. Session 2 Date: 5 March 2017 11 AM to 2 PM

Contact lifts in CONSLA Would you like to be able to do effortless lifts with your partner, without shocking her on the dance floor? Lifts are not used in social dancing but it is fun to learn more about the body, and open usually used directions and spacing of salsa to up and down. These are not lifts and tricks, they are moves done together in a harmony. Try a very different way of dancing salsa, enjoy the CONSLA jam after the class.

CONSLA you dance whatever you feel, whatever you and partner are ready for, less rules, more attention, Fun, flow, freedom.

We only have limited slots for registration due to effective learning experience! Kindly register at the earliest to avoid disappointment!


Dotty & Arun teaching Salsa on 1 at the 3rd Latin Festival Madras, September 2016 in Chennai

Dotty & Arun teaching Salsa on 2 Advanced level at Consla, Budapest, Hungary, Dec 2016

Time has never been faster! With no big noise, we started SALSA MADRAS in March 2014 and we are already celebrating 3 successful years! I haven't had the time to document all the achievements but I will do it sometime soon! Making our presence in Many cities in India and many countries in Asia and Europe, and with so many pioneering efforts and numerous collaborations in the field and dance and music, we are working to give everyone an unique experience to remember every time!

Every year, we are also bringing new ways to celebrate the anniversary with lots of fun and learning! This year is no different!


Dont miss the Fun and exclusive 2 hour Partner ACro workshop with Julia Pauer from Austria on 4th March, 4 30- 6 30 PM

Parties not to miss!

4 March : Noche De Baile at SuDaKa, 8 PM onwards (guest List)

5 March : 11th Kizomba Pool Party at Novotel, 4 3 0 PM - 8 30 PM (pre-registration required)

Workshops not to miss!

4 & 5 March : Consla Bootcamps with Dotty, 11 AM - 2 PM (Pre-registration required)

4 March: Partnr Acro Jam with Julia Pauer, 4 30- 6 30 PM (Pre-registration required)

5 March : Kizomba Workshop with Arun Srinivasan, 4 30 PM - 5 30 PM (Pre-registration required)


We look forward to share our happiness with everyone! Plan your weekend ahead and join us in those memorable weekends of fun, dancing and learning!

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