Introduction to Yoruba

Instructor: Ryoko Ohara, Japan 
Date: 4 October 

Time: 3-5 PM India 

Fee: ₹ 600 | $ 8 until 30 September; ₹ 750 | $ 10 from 1 Oct 


Limited Registrations. 

Book your slot right away in the Special courses and get the login info after booking. 

Salsa Madras, based in Chennai, India, was founded in 2014 by Arun S Pauer with a vision to make Chennai, a global destination for Dancing. In addition to the building the community in Chennai, under the Umbrella of dance styles - Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba, with extensive classes, training programs, Social dance nights and International Events, we have made Chennai as one of Asia's Friendliest cities to dance! We have also represented in over 17 countries since 2014 and working towards making dance as a tool for mental, social and physical well being! 

Be a part of the growing Happy Salsa Madras family where Fun and learning meets! 

We provide Studio Lessons Based in Chennai (temporarily suspended due to Covid-19). Our primary center is at Mylapore with supporting centers in Kilpauk and Adyar. We have structured syllabus right from the beginners until Teacher Training Programs in Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba, to cater to your needs. The classes will resume as soon as the world resumes back to normalcy!  Many of our students who have trained over the years have started to teach not just in Chennai but also in other cities and countries! 

We have also conducted Workshops, performed and taught at Festivals in various cities in India, many countries in Asia & Europe. For instance, Arun Pauer has performed over 75 shows in over 65 festivals across Asia & Europe. 

Salsa Madras Online  is a new addition to our services since March 2020. We have already offered over 150 hours online live classes, hosted 3 online DJ weekends. We have reached out to over 200 dancers from various other countries, such as AustriaAustralia, Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Russia, Swiss, USA, Spain and more. We offer Live sessions scheduled every month, ranging from 

  • drop in sessions,

  • Boot camps,

  • crash courses, intensives,

  • choreography and

  • Offline Learning

  • Privates. 

To compliment to the learning, we host a wide range of Events to add more fun to the experience. We have hosted over 600 salsa/social nights in Chennai at various leading clubs, special events like Pool Parties and we also host the yearly special - Latin Festival Madras that brings in artists and dancers from all over the world!  We have introduced 100s of new dancers in Chennai every year who have added a big asset to the Dancing community in the World. 

We have also train dancers not only to dance socially but also to perform and compete. Arun is the first Dancer to represent India at the World Salsa Summit in the professional category, who is also 2 times Asia Salsa Solo Champion and finalist at the HK World Championship

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