• Introduction to Yoruba

    2 hours

    Ryoko Ohara (Japan)

    Salsa Madras (India) in association with Eleggua Dance Company (Japan) brings you an unique opportunity to train on Afro Cuban with one of Asia's Finest Teachers - Ryoko Ohara! The session will be focussed on learning and training on Orishas! The Orishas are the deities of the Yoruba Religion which is a very important foundation of Afro-Cuban & Salsa

    From $8 | INR 600

  • Studio Classes

    Scheduled Group Classes in Chennai

    Schedule Studio Group Lessons are instructed by our Internationally acclaimed Teachers. Check out our schedule for various genres and at various levels! 

  • Online Live Sessions

    Live Sessions on Zoom, pre-registration mandatory

    Online ZOOM Live sessions are our new popular addition to our services! Personal Attention, good quality Audio and Video and detailed explanation makes the sessions very popular with dancers from different countries! 

  • E-Learning

    Offline Video access

    To make your learning progressive and flexible, we have our new E-Learning OFFLINE VIDEOS that caters to your needs! Right from foundation to advanced levels, right now e-learning focuses on individual growth. Partnerwork content will be added soon! 

  • Challenges

    Site Member Feature

    Challenges are a new addition to our services to help your learning flexible and to keep a track of your progress. At the end of each challenge, you will earn an achievement Badge that you can keep adding to your profile! Get rewarded each time you take up a challenge and follow up on your growth as a better dancer with each time! 

  • Groups

    Site Member Feature

    A special User feature to add up to your learning experience, our Groups are very similar to features of Facebook. But the content is more specific for your interests shared by your fellow members! 


Founded by Arun Pauer, in 2014, Based in Chennai, Salsa Madras is a growing into a Global Dance Community bringing dancers together to share passion, knowledge & happiness through Dancing. We specialise in Afro & Latin Dance Genres, Viz. Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba. We provide world class teaching, organise Events and bring talents from all over the world to both Studio and Online Platforms thereby able to connect not just in Chennai but across the world! 

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