Founded by Arun Pauer, in 2014, Based in Chennai, Salsa Madras is a growing into a Global Dance Community bringing dancers together to share passion, knowledge & happiness through Dancing. We specialise in Afro & Latin Dance Genres, Viz. Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba. We provide world class teaching, organise Events and bring talents from all over the world to both Studio and Online Platforms thereby able to connect not just in Chennai but across the world! 



Open for all

We host Salsa Nights and socials to serve a platform for students to practice and for Dance lovers from all over the city to socialise and dance together! We have hosted over 1000 socials in Chennai since 2014 and help in keeping the dancing alive in the city! 

Annual International Afro & Latin Premium Dance Festival

8. Latin Festival Madras

3-5 September 2021

Looking to gift your friends, family or colleagues for their birthday, anniversary or any celebration? Salsa Madras Gift Cards are great way to show them your love! 

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