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BACHATA e-Learning

Dominican, Modern, Sensual or Fusion, We got it all covered!
This is your one stop learning Portal for Bachata

BACHATA has it origins from Dominican Republic and now one of the most popular of the Latin Dance forms in the world. The Bachata dance community is growing constantly due to it addictive music and variety in the dance form! 
Commercially, Bachata got success in the 1990s and since then it has been having an exponential growth! The different genres of Bachata Music are Dominicana, Romantica, Urban, Remixes, etc. 

The popular styles of Bachata are Dominican style owing its identity to Dominican Republic; Modern Bachata that evolved from the ideas and patterns from the other Latin styles like Salsa; Sensual Bachata, having its origin in Spain that includes a lot of different body movement and partnerwork giving a variety of possibilities from how it was initially danced. As a complete Dancer, it is important and necessary to able to include elements from all the styles that Bachata has evolved into.  


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