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Arun S Pauer
Performed the Salsa routine for the song Ilaya Nila at the Anniversary partyIlaya Nila @ Taj
Dominican Bachata Footwork Challenge for Esta Vida by Yoskar Sarante Choreo by ArunEsta Vida Challenge

This year, we are planning to host LFM in a very unique way. The weekend will focus on Intensive training for Intermediate and above dancers. Don't miss out on this 10 hours exclusive Training with Tamba (UK), Arun Pauer & Sneha Vakkala.

This is limited to only 40 participants. Hurry up and book your slots


Find about the upcoming Fests and join us in the adventure



  • 16 Aug Fri | 'Salsaverse, Mumbai'

  • 31 Aug Sat | '11th Latin Festival Madras - Salsa Edition'

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