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The price plans give you a certain number of hours for a validity depending on the plan. The hours will be credited in your account and you can pre-book the sessions of you choice. You can use the hours for any of the scheduled class in the calendar. Please note, the subscription to any plan is not for a particular course but number of hours accessible for any course over the valid period. The validity or the hours will not be extended beyond the subscription. 

Studio classes

  • Best offer

    All Access

    Access to all scheduled group classes at Salsa Madras, valid for 30 days.
    Valid for one month
    • 8 hours monthly

      8 hours, 30 days
      Valid for one month
      • 8 hours of classes
      • 30 days validity
    • 4 hours monthly

      4 hours, 30 days
      Valid for one month
      • 4 sessions from any of the scheduled group class
      • 30 days validity
    • 24 hours, 3 months

      Valid for 3 months
      • 24 hours of scheduled group lessons
      • 90 days validitiy
    • 96 hours, 12 months

      Valid for one year
      • 96 hours of schedules group lessons
      • 12 months validity
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