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Arun S Pauer
Performed the Salsa routine for the song Ilaya Nila at the Anniversary partyIlaya Nila @ Taj
Dominican Bachata Footwork Challenge for Esta Vida by Yoskar Sarante Choreo by ArunEsta Vida Challenge

Starting June, Every weekend we got something interesting for the Kizomba Lovers. Arun & Sneha will be teaching a Kizomba choreography online!

Sat & Sun, 6-7 PM IST

The classes will be online over Zoom instructed by Arun & Sneha. We intend to make this a video project at the end of the course! Looking forward to see you all!


  • only for the Kizomba course, its INR 1200 / 17 USD

  • To access over 40 hours of online classes in June, its only INR 2000 or $27

The tutorial will also be made available to the students for those enrolled.


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