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Arun S Pauer
Performed the Salsa routine for the song Ilaya Nila at the Anniversary partyIlaya Nila @ Taj
Dominican Bachata Footwork Challenge for Esta Vida by Yoskar Sarante Choreo by ArunEsta Vida Challenge

Hello CHENNAI Sneha and I will be kick starting the Bachata Team Performance Training for the choreography for the song - Lucky by Pinto Picasso. Classes start this Sunday, 17 July 2022 in Chennai, every Sunday 10 AM-1 PM, until end of Aug! We will be performing together at the most awaited event of the year - 9. Latin Festival Madras 2022

We also look forward to perform at many of the upcoming festivals! Register soon and train together with us! Sign up at

P.s. Please sign up with at least 24 hours in your subscription.

Deepak Raj
12 juil. 2022




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