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Arun S Pauer
Performed the Salsa routine for the song Ilaya Nila at the Anniversary partyIlaya Nila @ Taj
Dominican Bachata Footwork Challenge for Esta Vida by Yoskar Sarante Choreo by ArunEsta Vida Challenge

New Demo Shines for the song - Canalla by Romeo Santos & El Chaval de la Bachata will premiere on 1 Dec. It was a footwork challenge that ended the 4 week Bachata Dominicana series this Month at Salsa Madras online. If you had missed the course, its will be available for offline access from 1 Dec in our e-learning menu at A set of 8 videos, 5 of them working on the explanations in details, one break of the footwork and 2 demos with music! Once you finish learning it, make a video and earn a BADGE that you can add to your profile in the website! On that note, we are also starting the Dominican Bachata Series 2 for Dec! More info at


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