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Ryoko Ohara

Guest instructor (Online)

Ryoko Ohara

Ryoko Ohara is the Director of ELEGGUA Entertainment (Tokyo).

She had eleven years of Ballet training. She Trained in English National Ballet School 1991-1992 until seriously injured the left knee and ended a carrier as a ballet dancer.
She Started to dance salsa in 1997 & Became a professional since 2004. She Started her own dance company ELEGGUA Entertainment in 2007.

Contributions to the Community:

  • Had been helping Mr. George Watabe who used to be a salsa promoter in Japan, in various magazines, newspapers, TV programs.

  • Wrote salsa columns

  • Released the most sold salsa DVD from Pony Canion.

  • In 2003, Awarded as a first Asian dancer in the West Coast Salsa Congress for contribution to the salsa community.

  • In 2004 won the Japanese version of ‘Dance with Stars’.

  • In 2005, participated the first World Salsa Championship which took place in Las Vegas and placed 6th.

  • Over 800 people trained in my Half year Intensive Salsa Course, some of them became professional, such a s Nao&Masa(RISE directors), Tetsu&Emi (Golden Eggs directors), Seigo Kimoto and Masakichi etc.

  • Produced a lot of performance teams, shine and pair, and some of them performed internationally the top team being Wabisabi.

  • The 2 hours productions that the company did in 2014 and 2016, were both sold out and got very good feedback.

Instagram: @olryoko

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